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Individual Disablity Advisory Service

Individual "non can" (noncancellable) disability policies have been offered by insurer's for over five decades. Regrettably there is a wide variance in contractual provisions making it difficult to determine the quality of your disability policy or policies.

There are approximately eight contractual provisions that are important with two that are critically important. Plus, there's an assortment of policy restrictions and exclusions that need to be avoided.

Have you questioned whether your disability coverage is high quality and not full of "loop holes"? If you would like an objective, unbiased analysis of your disability program, I can help.

For an independent consultation, please send me an email at expressing your interest. I'll write back with key questions for you to answer. I'll then determine how I can be of help. If I'm sure it'll be most beneficial, I'll create a detailed analysis with my observations and recommendations.