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Client Services

Managing employee benefits in the 21st century presents new and complex challenges. Companies need more flexible benefit programs to help attract and retain valued employees. Employees require more choice to fit their flexible lifestyles. Electronic communication and administration is essential. With the ever changing laws and regulations impacting Employee Benefits, staying in compliance is a constant challenge for employees.

Our medical insurance specialists work full-time on the medical insurance programs of our clients. We can handle negotiations with insurers. Our medical insurance specialist fields questions on claims issues.

Claims questions usually cover several different areas. Frequently, there are claims about to be incurred where there is an issue of confidentiality. It can be uncomfortable dealing with a stranger employed by an HMO. It can be even more difficult for employees to discuss personal issues with Human Resources personnel. Other questions arise over claims not paid. Sometimes there are issues about claims connected with an experimental or controversial procedure. The bottom line is that the employees understand that we work for their employer, therefore we are working in their behalf as their advocate.

When we handle the medical coverage for our clients, we're available to visit the worksite and are available to employees on an ongoing basis. We remove administrative burdens while offering value added services not commonly available in the employee benefits arena. We provide additional "visibility" that wasn't there previously and the employee level of satisfaction increases.

Our Objectives
» One telephone number (800#) accountability for all benefits
» Attain a superior employee benefit program to retain and attract valued employees
» Remove administrative burdens
» Additional "visibility" to increase employee level of satisfaction
» Increase advocacy on behalf of employees

Disability Counseling Services
Your Disability Counseling Service provides a "team support" and comfort that employees greatly appreciate when faced with the emotional upset and financial consequences of a long term disability.

Professional Benefit Communication
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports the cost of benefits nationally now represents 30% of payroll. Considering the significant investment of time and expenditure of company dollars, we believe in the professional communication of Employee Benefits. Employees need to understand the value of their benefits. Employers should receive credit for providing high quality coverages to valued employees. Our professional benefit communication process is available to all clients of the Disability Services Group.

Benefit Advisory Services
We are available to visit the worksite on a regular basis, dependent upon your needs. Our purpose is to provide professional, timely advice to your employees and be an extension of your benefits department, representing the best interests of all employees.

Full service clients of Disability Services Group, have access to our "HR &Benefits Library". It is a web-based Employee Benefit and Human Resources information source

Client Communication
We send all clients a monthly client communiqué with a focus on benefits "management" and an emphasis on evolving issues and other items of current interest to professional benefit practitioners.

With the numerous laws and regulations impacting Employee Benefits that have been enacted over the last several years, we have taken on the responsibility of keeping our clients properly informed. For all full service clients of Disability Services Group, we subscribe to a weekly reporting service with a primary emphasis on employee benefit legislative issues and benefits management. This keeps us current on evolving issues, benefit trends and other items of current interest to professional benefit practitioners. We will notify you of evolving changes in employee benefits and legislative issues impacting your employee benefits program in a timely manner.